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Tri State Paving in Baltimore, Maryland, handles a variety of asphalt paving. This includes driveway installation, demolition and re-paving of damaged areas, and much more. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, there is no better name to turn to for residential or commercial asphalt paving in Baltimore, MD.

Please note that commercial clients should contact our specialty line (886) 631-5802 to ask about purchasing extended warranties with our services, protecting you from any mistakes found after completion.


When you have asphalt paving in Baltimore, MD, you know that you need paving made out of one of the best materials due to the changing weather and seasons. However, like all things, asphalt paving does need some maintenance. Fortunately, asphalt paving is easy to maintain. Keep these three top tips in mind, and you can extend the life of your new asphalt paving.


Homeowners generally know that they need to seal hardwood floors, but do you know that you need to seal asphalt paving? A sealant protects the asphalt from spills, and it helps protect it against weather like sun, rain, and snow. A sealant can’t provide invincible protection, but it will lengthen the life of your asphalt paving.


Inspecting your asphalt paving regularly will highlight irregularities that may become worse over time. Catching problems early makes them easier to repair. Cracks usually grow bigger, and when they do, it takes a lot more time, money, and effort to fix them.

Build A Relationship With Your Paving Company

Keep in touch with us! We make it much easier to maintain and repair your asphalt paving over time. We offer amazing customer service and extensive experience and can provide advice on how to maintain your asphalt paving.

Benefits of an Asphalt Driveway

When it’s time to get your driveway paved after years of weather damage and use, choosing asphalt paving in Baltimore, MD, will make a huge difference. Asphalt has many benefits as a paving option, primarily its incredible durability and low maintenance costs. We can guarantee that fresh, new asphalt will make any residence or commercial area look modern and well kept.

The good thing about asphalt paving is that if you’re not ready for a full reinstallation, it’s effortless to repair. Investing in regular maintenance and upkeep will ensure that your paved area is always in prime condition for years to come. How long does it usually last? Asphalt paving can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years, depending on the installation and climate. That’s why you can rely on Tri State Paving not only for the best installation but for maintenance and repair.

Lastly, asphalt paving is very cost-effective and will last long enough to make it worth the price. It typically costs half the price of concrete, and you’re guaranteed to have a stable, smooth driveway or parking lot for years. You can contact us for a free estimate or to find out more about why asphalt paving will work best for you.


If you want to have a smooth new driveway at a competitive price, then you want to hire the experts of Tri State Paving. Our family business gets the job done right the first time, and completes every project in a timely manner. Whether you need paving in Baltimore, DC, or anywhere in the tri-state area, we are your source for quality, affordable service.

We most commonly work on parking lots, driveways, private lanes, sport courts, and extensions. You can have us come to your commercial or residential property for an estimate on installations from the ground up, overlays, repairs, excavation, or even demolition work. Financing options are available, and we accept all major credit cards for your convenience.